The Day After Everything

by Villains Kiss



released May 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Villains Kiss El Paso, Texas

Indietronic Synth Pop
David -producer/ keys/voicebox
Guitar/ Backup vocals

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Track Name: The Day After Everything
the day after everything turned to shit
after we faced facts
it was high time to part ways and say goodbye

my alarm rang as usual; 6am.
but all I wanted was to stay in bed
so I pulled out the battery and closed my eyes

but the cats kept begging
at the balcony door
so i got up and let them inside for a bite,
just like the day before

and the clock that you gave me
still hung on the wall
just ticking along
and it's hands never bothered
to come to a halt
since you were gone

the things I noticed didn't change are limitless
and knowing you, i'm sure you'll think it's frivolous
but it's precisely what's so frivolous that made
my realization as ephiphanous

cause i looked outside
and the sky was blue
the clouds dragged on
and the birds still flew
and for a moment
I soaked it all in
and that's when I knew
that the earth kept spinning
and the flowers still bloomed
and the sun kept shining the same yellow rays
up against the moon

and the wind didn't
take the time to give a fuck
just blew right along
why should I be the only one
who gets stuck
now that you're gone?

cause the day after everything
turned to shit
nothing did.
the stars didn't think to rest
burning just as bright
since you left
and I can strum my guitar
and it sounds the same
if you're near or far
and I can still sing this song
even if you don't
sing along

the day after everything turned to shit